Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm really hungry for a nice juicy hamburger, I think I'll have a Barfy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crónica TV

My all time favorite channel, Crónica TV, is a 24/7 "news" channel that never fails to entertain. It's like Fox News teamed up with TMZ and the Jerry Springer Show to broadcast the latest breaking news complete with theme songs, racist jokes, inappropriate sound effects, graphic footage of accidents and of course, lots of partially nude females.

My favorite segment is "Estallo el Verano" where reporters go to popular summer hot spots in Argentina and interview the sunbathers asking them the most crucial questions like if they use sunscreen.

Here's another great example of how Cronica TV investigates the important issues. For those who don't speak Spanish, this is the gist of what's going on: The story is about how Chinese people are catching birds in the park and selling them. The reporter asks investigative questions like "Do you eat the birds?"

Finally, the last one I found is a bit bloody so I don't recommend this for those who have a weak stomach. Briefly, man on motorcycle gets in an accident, breaks his neck along with several other body parts, but still is able to give a full interview while lying on his back in the middle of the street.

"Oh! That's Argentina"

I came to BsAs in 2006 and was instantly drawn to Porteño culture. I wasn't so intrigued by the seductive dance of the tango, the thriving café culture, or the European influenced architecture - instead I was fascinated to find out more about the gripping questions that seemed essential to understanding Argentine society: How can Porteños shop so much on the salaries they make? Why has the mullet been a trendy hairstyle for both men and women for over 20 years? Why on earth are flower shops open 24 hours a day, but you can't find even an empanada past 2am?

My attempt to immerse myself into this culture left me more confused than ever as I have come to the conclusion that there is no rhyme or reason to this ridiculously magnificent country.

I had to find a way to document some of the daily occurrences that are unexplainable to anyone who has never traveled to this glorious place. Although "Blogs" are totally not my thing (yes, I just put the word blog in quotation marks) I found it's the only way to share the reasons why I love this South American country.

Photo of la Presidenta Cristina Kirchner with her lovely husband, (aka el penguino "the Penguin"), ex-Presidente Néstor.