Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perfectly cooked delicious homemade pizza can even be made with the world's worst oven

This is how you turn on my oven:
1. light a match
2. stick your hand into the gas chamber while simultaneously holding down the dial on the top of the stove
3. close your eyes otherwise the gas will burn them off
4. re-do steps 1-3 because the inflamed match is about to inflame your finger
5. "
6. Once the oven is lit (little flame) hold down the dial for 5 minutes and wait for the big flame
7. Repeat 1-5 because you take your hand off the dial prematurelyMy oven has two temperatures, FULL BLAST FLAMES and OFF. In the 4 months that I've lived in this apartment, I have only used the oven once and made a royal mess of a lasagna...but the other night I was in the mood for pizza so I thought I'd give it a shot...Success! Probably the best pizza I have had in months. This does not say much as pizza for porteños means soggy tasteless bread with mounds of cheese and extra grease toppings.
This pizza has fresh mozarella, basil, tomatoes and roasted red and yellow peppers. It's no deep dish from Piero's....

Argentine bank now grants loans to people who used to have a penis but now they don't

Here is this new television advertisement for Banco Provincia, a popular bank in Argentina starring a middle aged transgendered woman.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kilos in Uruguay

A few weeks ago I took a short vacation to the beaches along the coast in Uruguay. Instead of posting pictures of the clear waters of the Atlantic, quaint fisherman villages, and beautiful countryside - I decided to show the important stuff: the food! My goal was to take a picture of everything that I ate - but unfortunately the extremely laid back attitude and slow service made it difficult to snap a shot before I inhaled the entire plate.
Mercado en Montevideo
Bife de chorizo con papas y verduras grilladas
Breakfast on the ocean
Shrimp al ajillo - this one was dangerous for my stomach...
Fried Calamari rrrrabas

Lube Center

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Cats are creepy. They are always up to no good.. biting, scratching, terrorizing, scheming. I never understood "cat" people... until I got my little Chola (Cholita). Who could resist an adorable little kitty?

Buenos Aires invaded

Here is a recent article written by the people at, "Buenos Aires Ruined by I-Bankers."
If you ever idly considered going to Buenos Aires to enjoy its humid subtropical climate, tango music, and world famous zoo, just forget it. The entire city is now populated by laid-off American bankers.

Apparently a visit to the Teatro Colon or a sightseeing stroll over to Pablo Neruda's old house is now indistinguishable from a night at Bar Martignetti. Spencer Morgan's weekly NYO profile of a quirkily enraging Manhattanite today introduces us to David Webb: former Goldman analyst, current chisel-jawed male model, Ivy League tennis star, and media party crashing friend of Neel Shah. David hopped on down to Buenos Aires for a couple weeks to just clear his head and shit, and what did he find? People exactly like himself:

"You'd start the day at a park and then run into five former bankers, and then you'd wind up at a bar and all of a sudden there would be 15 of them," Mr. Webb said. "Ex-bankers, ex-traders, Lehman guys, Bear guys, everyone. Guys that got screwed by their job and came to a place where everything was cheap. It's fuckin' beautiful and the sun was going down at 9:30."

If Juan Diaz de Solis would have known this was gonna happen back in 1516, he would have turned around and gone right back up the Rio de la Plata and left the whole mess to the native Charrua tribe. They hate bankers. (But they love male models!)

In related news, this video was featured in a Clarin article (the most widely read newspaper) about "Stories of US Expats who Fled to Argentina because of the Economic Crisis" seems like a perfect accompaniment. (in Spanish)