Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boat sales skyrocket

Every time it rains a lot, the city shuts down. Road closings, the trains stop, subways come to a halt, buses change routes, floods, power outages, looting, murders, UTTER CHAOS! OK, well the last two are exaggerations, but the rest are true. Yesterday it rained. And flooded. And the city shut down, again, second time in one week.

Here are some of the top headlines:
Palermo bajo agua - Palermo Under Water
Cruzan Santa Fe con sogas - Crossing Santa Fe (Avenue) with rope
La Ciudad vuelve a inundarse - The City Floods, again
Caos en la ciudad - Chaos in the City
La Ciudad en emergencia - The City In Emergency
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Who needs to go to the Wisconsin Dells to ride the Lazy River???

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  1. good thing the government has ropes so people can cross flooded streets!

    Also, the mayor should take advantage of this situation and promote the city beaches you wrote about on a previous post!