Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dance Like a Flogger

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If you have ever spent a day shopping at Abasto mall and saw a big sea of children dressed up all crazy, you have come across the epicenter of Flogger culture. Unlike Emos, Punks, and Goths, Floggers are a fashion trend that has become widely popular amongst Argentine teenager in the last few years. The name "Flogger" originated from the website Fotolog, which is a photoblog website.
Photos from Ringo Muxa
Meet famous floggers like 17 year old Agustina Vivero, known as Cumbio, and a hero to thousands of teenage floggers for her photo log that got her a book deal/autobiography. The New York Times even featured her in an article in 2009.This Justin Bieber look-a-like is known as the Prince of the Floggers. Don't quite know who he is, but isn't he adorable??

Photo fromsacameelcorazon


  1. I don't think Floggers have hit the States yet. Although maybe I'm just out of touch, lol.

  2. Quality, I am straight down to Abasto. Good to see that the Maradona mullet is not lost in this new craze. A terrible waste of good hair.